This is a personal attempt to keep in touch with the simple joys in my life in a world which seems to be getting only more complex. And no matter where we come from and what we do, or which language we communicate in , there are these little things in all our lives which link us in a delightfully weird way.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You asked for some help at the Community Pool, so I hope you don’t mind if I give it here. The following is only advice, and you are free to act on or ignore it as you see fit.
    *An about page is a fairly key element of blogs, it is generally one of the first things visitors look at if they are considering following or just want more information. You could (but are not bound to) include a name, place, country, reason for having the blog, a directive to readers, posting schedule… Whatever takes your fancy and whatever you are willing to reveal to the internet
    *I’m not sure if this is just the theme playing up, but in the footer every widget is there twice, side by side
    *The font colour just above and below the comment box is a light grey (the bits that say “Leave a Reply” and “Notify me of new comments via email”). This means that it is practically illegible against the dark blue background colour, so you may want to think about either a font colour or a background colour change
    *I’m not sure if you’re anticipating being a blog with an active email, but if so, consider adding a ‘contact me’ page
    *The font is quite big. Again I’m not sure if this is just a theme default, but you may want to consider downsizing it if possible (though that is merely a preference and some readers probably prefer larger font)
    *Consider inserting ‘read more’ lines into posts, they mean that the front page is shorter as not all of the post loads, and theoretically it means that you get more views as readers go to the individual posts rather than just the main page (another preference)
    *Images within posts are always a good way to add a spot of colour (and potentially humour in the captions) or just to illustrate the subject. If you haven’t got any personal images, then you can search for ones reusable under a Creative Commons license
    *I really enjoyed your writing, the posts are a good length, and I think if you continue to have posts similar, your readership should soon swell
    I hope all this is helpful, if there is anything that needs clarification please just ask me here or at my blog, please feel free to disagree with me and to completely ignore me, but please bear in mind that these are only minor issues, and I very much enjoyed reading your blog,
    Best, Matt
    P.S. If you have time to check out my new second blog at https://scenesiwouldsee.wordpress.com/ I would really appreciate it.

    • Hi
      Really appreciate you taking time to send back such a methodical feedback. Definitely helpful to a new blogger like me..will be making suggested changes/ additions by and by.

      Thanks again ,

      PS: I went to your blog..and will read more when I can snatch some time..but for now I shall say you have me hooked to it as it has my fav Holmes in it. 🙂

      • No problem, if you need any more help I’m more than happy to try and assist (and the widgets are now only showing once). Glad you liked the blog, thanks for looking!
        Best, Matt

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