Game of Shadows


This image begged to be captured! I had been cooking lunch, and after setting the large pot of curry to simmer, went out to the living room to fetch something. As I turned from the sitting area, I was stopped in my path by this stark image on the wall.

This is the wall facing my kitchen door.which is the arch one can see in the picture. The light which puts the grills of the kitchen window in prominence has been reflected off a car parked on the side opposite my apartment building. The shimmery effect and the squares of highlight was the steam rising from that pot of curry simmering on the cooking range.

The play of shadow and light was so dramatic that I just had to shoot a picture. And yet I could see that I hadn’t managed to capture the magical shimmer that the steam had created on the wall, just like the ripples of a gentle, gurgling stream.

When one thinks of perfect…one imagines that it means there will be nothing ever like this. But when one is referring to nature, it is full of thousands of such perfect moments, most of them at the most unexpected places.




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