Where did you lose your smile?

She paused in the doorway of the huge room, and got the reaction she had expected. Everyone stopped doing and saying whatever they had been doing and saying for a full second, so perfect did she look as she stood there.

Every strand of hair in place.

Eyes perfectly made up.

The rouge on her cheek bones hinting at the exact shade of a blush.

Her dew lips just begging to be kissed.

Back ramrod straight, she wore a dress which clung lovingly to her every curve.

A perfect picture she made.

But wait.

Had the twinkle in her eyes died in the heat of the hair dryer?

And what had happened to her nose?

Was it naturally upturned or had she learnt to turn it up at the salon as she sat getting her manis and pedis?

Did she lose her smile when she took off her mask after her facial?

Where did you lose your smile, oh my darling?!



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