Markers of Time

Contrary to my heading, this is no philosophical jotting. Instead, its quite the opposite. It is a bit of my daily schedule which I am sure many of us share. My day begins around 5.45 am. By the time I meander into the kitchen, after washing out the sleep from my eyes, its 6am. The best way to know if I am on schedule is to glance out of the kitchen window. I don’t need to look at the kitchen clock which is to my right. If I look straight ahead out of the kitchen window, I can see the little boy from the next building waiting by the side of the road, waiting for his school bus with his mother. Yes, there is his bus which rolls by at exactly 6.05!

The next school bus to whiz by is the one whose rattle I can hear before I can see it. This is at 6.20. This is the time by which I have started preps for my daughters school lunch.

6.45am Another school bus goes by signalling that its time for me to poke my daughter out of bed.

7.20am Yet another school bus goes by, marking the time when I get breakfast started.(So many school buses! Whew!)

Mind you, I don’t need to look at the kitchen clock the entire morning. I just keep track of the buses. The flip side being that if by any chance any of these buses are late, it will put my entire schedule out of gear.

When my daughter and I step out at 7.50am we know we are on schedule when we cross paths with a lady who we have concluded is a teacher at a nearby school. I have used the word, ‘concluded’ as my daughter and I have never spoken to this lady but have reached this conclusion based on daily observation of dressing style and the books she carries in her arms.

My day is interspersed with many such markers of time. So many of these have been around for so long, that I take it for granted that they will be around forever. This is probably the reason I rarely wear a watch and even on that rare occasion that I do, I forget to glance at my wrist for the time.