A Moment


As I went to my window to draw the shades, I glanced out onto the road. There at my gate I saw this little tableau which captured my attention. A group of four women sat very close to the gate. Comfortable and engrossed in their conversation. If proposed to one, the setting was hardly a comfortable one, and the location and facilities the most inconvenient, but there they sat, as if seated in a well-recommended restaurant. These are women who work as housemaids in half a dozen households in our area. Most of them average four to five households a day, beginning work at around 8.30 in the morning and winding up only by 6 in the evenings. Here they had gathered after a hard day’s work. This was probably the only bright patch in their day when they met their friends in the same situation, before they each headed home to prepare dinner for their waiting families and do their own housework before retiring for the day. As snatches of their conversation drifted up to me, I realized that they were having a cheerful conversation about the latest film which had been released and riling one of their friends about something. They looked genuinely relaxed and happy for that moment.

On some days the most mundane scenario makes one revisit some basic rules for a happy mind. Watching them,I thought once again how important it is to find at least one happy moment to appreciate in a day. And while some may think….one? ,one realises when one has to actually practice it on a regular basis, there are days when even that one moment comes to mind with great difficulty.



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