A bit of me….a bit of them

My first born turned eighteen recently. And my younger one is touching twelve. Looking at them chatting away at the far end of the room, I could observe them for a while without them realizing it. Suddenly my son guffawed at something his sister said, and the corners of his eyes crinkled up just like mine. It was a déjà vu moment. I suddenly saw a bit of me in him. A reflection of my expression in his. I have been a mom for eighteen years and I still feel surprised when I look at my children. To think that I have created two living beings, who carry a bit of their parents in them, and their grandparents and great grandparents …well..a bit of so many people. And of course their individual traits. I see glimpses of all of us in them at the oddest of moments. It’s not only them. Some days when I gesture in a particular way or say a thing in a certain style, I see my mom in that gesture or word. I remember a day when my sister heard me scold my kids over some minor offence, and she remarked that I had finally become Mom. I had snapped back that I had been a mom for a while now. She then told me that I had heard wrong, and she had meant I had become Mom, meaning our mother, and not a mom. That’s how we are all a potpourri of so many traits, some fragrances being more dominant and some being dormant in us.


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