Perks of the Job

Every job has its perks and teaching isn’t any different. A teacher may forget a student, but rarely does a student forget the face of his teacher.

One of my close friends has been teaching senior school for over two decades. She has scores of ex students spread all over the city and in various professions. It is but natural that she bumps into some or the other student in the least expected place. Her husband good naturedly grumbles that they purposely pop up every where that she goes. I myself have experienced this when I go out with her. We have met her ex students in movie halls, in malls, in restaurants, on the street when we are out shopping, and in the shops we enter and suddenly realise that the store is owned by one of her student.

I remember one such instance when my husband and I were out with one of his senior business associates and his wife, Mr and Mrs X. The latter has also been teaching for years. After attending an official function we decided to have dinner at a well known restaurant close by. Though we knew that the restaurant rarely entertained anyone without a prior reservation, we decided to try our luck as Mr X was quite a well known face. When we reached there, as expected, the restaurant didn’t have a table available and inspite of a lot of cajoling, Mr X couldn’t convince them to give us a table. As we turned to leave , we heard someone call out “Madam”. We turned to see the Captain walking towards us. In his mid 30s, he extended his hand to Mrs X and beamed a broad smile. While we looked on puzzled, he greeted her and said that he was sure that she wouldn’t remember him, but he had been her student in school almost 18 years back. When she finally got his name and could recall which year she had taught him, he asked her to wait while he arranged a table for us.

We had a delicious meal that night. I am sure Mrs X didn’t let him hear the last of how, for a change, it was her popularity as a teacher which had secured us a table at a famous restaurant , as opposed to her well known husband.


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