Role Reversal

My mother recently underwent a cataract surgery. When I visited her this morning, she asked if I could wash her hair for her, as she was not supposed to get any water into her eyes. As she leant back over the wash basin, I gently shampooed her hair. Hair now more white than grey. As I cupped my palm around her hairline, so that water didn’t run down into her eyes, I was transported back to another time. I remembered the days when I did the same to my new borns. And in that same moment, thought of when my mother must have done the same for me, when I was an infant. A time travel of a different kind. When the mind zips, zaps and zooms through so many years in a matter of a nano second! I wanted to freeze that moment, to capture the essence of that thought and put it in a teeny weeny box and lock it tight. So, this is how time brings about role reversal. The circle of life.