Wisdom Lost


 I got a wisdom tooth extracted couple of days back. A procedure involving injections, tongs, a great deal of tugging,pushing, pulling, and shoving. Have been always told that if one relaxes one’s muscles,it gets a bit easier. So I spent those fifty minutes focusing totally on the three tubs of mango strawberry and chocolate ice cream waiting for me at home. Breathe in,breathe out. Focus. Envision tub no.1. Breathe in,breathe out. Focus. Envision tub no.2. So on and so forth. The fact that I could officially cheat on my diet when I devoured the said ice cream was definitely an added incentive. Another fact which prodded me on was the phrase ‘ ignorance is bliss’. Loosing a “wisdom” tooth brought me nearer to bliss,as I would be bit more ignorant than before

My love-hate relationship with the dentist and his tools of trade started when I was around seven. My first milk tooth stubbornly refused to fall off on its own,and had to be forced to vacate its position for the permanent one which took it’s place. I think the other milk teeth didn’t learn from that experience,and each turned out to be equally stubborn. The successors of the said milk teeth turned out to be equally wayward and this signalled the entry of the orthodontist. The shrill whining of the dentist’s drill is embedded in my memory.

Dental problems are a genetically inclined issue for me,and I was convinced that by the time I turned 40 ,I would have a very contemporary mouth. Full of concrete,cement and steel. But contrary to my trepidations,I am still managing with my original set of pearls. Though i must add that vey often i dream of all my teeth falling off. Don’t they say that dreams are nothing but our inner most fears buried in our subconscious?


One thought on “Wisdom Lost

  1. oh dear.. I hate going to the dentist too! As a kid, mother used to trick me to going to the dentist.. and it was very unpleasant.
    Speedy recovery from the dental works! Enjoy all the icecream, you deserve it! 🙂

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