What 2015 Taught Me

Something about the year-end makes all of us look on in anticipation onto the next year. All around, everyone is in a holiday mood. A brand new calendar! How wonderful! The chance to start things afresh! Someone once told me, ‘hope is for losers’. Is it? On the contrary I think that one who doesn’t have hope, has lost it all.

For me, 2015 has been a year of awareness. I started the year with a bout of ill health, which confined me to bed for almost a fortnight. One can deal with such confinements in various ways. Either one can moan and groan their way through all the days, which honestly is not my way of dealing with things. I am the kind who likes to make the most of a situation. So in between popping pills and sleeping them off, I took the opportunity to introspect. Many link introspection to brooding. But that is not always so. For me introspection is an honest conversation with myself. Honest being the keyword. Those few days, left to myself, I could actually re-look at what was happening in my life in a calm way and re-list my priorities. I can’t really pin point the moment, or the cause, but since then I have been more aware of what I have done with the days that have followed.

People who are familiar with the terms of yoga and meditation will know what I mean when I say that I have never felt so collected and aligned. So much of how we deal with our daily life comes from within us. The way we perceive, the way we react, and the way we accept. And we all have to set our own pace to reach that point when it all starts getting clear to us. That point when we reach a certain degree of peace within. It is not that we will not have hurdles to deal with, its only we learn to gauge the amount of reaction that every situation warrants.

As the year ends, I know I have learnt to pause and think if it is worth losing my cool over some issues. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ has taken on a new meaning. If I can ignore some things around me, I know I can be blissful. I have reconnected with simple activities which give me immense pleasure. They may not have a purpose, and they may not be of worth to anyone else, but , it is soul food for me. It could be a walk by myself, or playing a board game with my kids, or reading a book which brings a giggle, or just meeting up a dear friend to chat over a cup of tea. I have consciously steered clear of people who stir up negative emotions. My writing has also ensured that I keep a lookout for happy memories to share, which indirectly keeps positivity in my day to day activities. And while there are miles to go, somewhere within I know that I have hopped on to a track which is right for me.

Wishing all my fellow bloggers Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year! Hope that the new year holds all that is dear and important to all of us. Peace, Love and Good Health. And the right track for each and everyone.


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