People Study

Types of people one definitely will encounter on any jogging track no matter which locality:

  • The lone runner / walker, who will be walking in anti clock direction while the rest of the people are going along clock direction. Hereby causing breaks in the rhythm of everyone’s walk.
  • The one woman, who takes immense effort and pleasure to get her full make up on before coming for her walk, only to have it running down her face while she runs on the track.
  • The inevitable He Man who glances around, every two minutes to see if anyone is ogling at his steroid induced muscles.
  • The group of loud men who crack horrible jokes and guffaw and bellow at those said jokes themselves. They are the ones whom all wish to avoid but cant, and so make sure that they are at the other end of the walking trail.
  • The group of loud women who crack equally horrible jokes as the group above and add giggles to the entire exercise, thereby ensuring that the peace of the morning is lost.
  • The quaint group of senior citizens who keep bottles of water to reserve seats on the park bench for their ‘friends’. They may even bring snacks to share.
  • The group of teenagers, showing off their exercising techniques to their friends, when all of them are well aware that the walking track is nothing more to them but a courting ground.
  • Someone like your’s sincerely who is smiling a secret smile observing all this.


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