A Matter of Convenience

So..what do we see here? A pair of shoes, right? A mundane pair of shoes. Which you and me wear on our feet and walk about in. At present this pair is airing on my windowsill. Very recently I realized that I was not the only one using this pair of shoes.

Every few days I sun and air my walking shoes on my windowsill or keep it on the grillwork just below my window. Just beyond this window is a beautiful mango tree, home to some crows and mynas. I was quite surprised to see one crow hop over to my window every now and then. (You may wonder how do I know it’s the same crow? But if you pay enough attention you will realize that each and every living beings has some marking peculiar to it.)

Initially I didn’t pay much attention. But soon realized that it was taking extra interest in the shoes kept outside. Then I thought that it was interested in the shoelace, which would make a good lining for its nest.

One morning when I went to get my shoes, I found a bit of toast inside one of the shoes. I didn’t think much about it and just knocked the shoe about a bit and cleaned it up. After a few days I found a bit of some unidentifiable food item inside my shoe. While I was staring perplexed at the deposit, a crow sitting on the branch of the mango tree started cawing insistently. I then realized that my shoe was being used as a pantry/ larder by one the crows in the tree. And while I whole-heartedly support the theory of reuse/ recycle/ etc, this was one time I was not willing to be a willing party to this. So though I do continue to air my shoes on the same windowsill, I do so by upending them, much to the dismay of Mr.Crow.

PS: the crow still continues to use the gaps in the grillwork to store his meals.


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