20 Things I Associate with Durga Pujo

  1. The butterfly, which wanders into the house just before Durga Puja. My mother used to say that it showed it was time to buy new clothes for the festivities. Uncanny, but this is the only time I have seen butterflies enter the house.
  2. The thunder showers just before the advent of Navratri. They remind me of my  paternal grandmother. She used to narrate the story of how every year Goddess Parvati wants to visit   her parents and when she asks Lord Shiva for permission to do so, he gets angry. The thunder is his anger vibrating through the skies. That Goddess Parvati comes down to Earth nonetheless is a different tale altogether.
  3.  Pandal Hopping
  4. The colourful, sometimes bordering on garish decorations of pandals.
  5. The sweet echo of the conch shells.
  6. The feet-tapping, steady rhythm of the Dhaak
  7. The intoxicating fragrance of the dhuno or the dhoop.
  8. The chant of the mantras when we offer flowers to the Goddess.
  9. The combination of the hot weather and the piping hot khichdi.
  10. The tantalizing aroma of vegetable and chicken chops, and fish fry and mughlai    parathas. The mouth-watering array of rosogullas, gulab jamuns and sandesh.
  11. The bright,crisp new saris.
  12. The even brighter flash of the jewelry on women.
  13. The latest trend in sari blouses.
  14.  The loud exclamation of delight on spotting someone after a span of a year.
  15.  The expected pinch on the cheek by that old friend of your parents’, who just can’t get over the wonder of you finally having grown up! He has seen you since you are two years old but each year will inevitably exclaim, “You have grown up!” And you smile at him and let him get away with it as he carries a bit of your childhood in him.
  16. The coy look on the faces of young, prospective brides who have come to may-be make a match.
  17. The eagle gaze of the mothers of the prospective brides.
  18. The confident look on the face of the mothers of prospective bridegrooms.
  19. The hesitant smile on the face of the prospective grooms.
  20. The little children running amok.

3 thoughts on “20 Things I Associate with Durga Pujo

  1. Romika says:

    Nice post!

    For me, since I remember, pujo always started with shiuli phool. With two huge shiuli gaach right at the entrance of our house, season’s first shiuli phool used to bring a big smile on our faces. 😀

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