Matters Hinge on These!

Creak! Creaaaakkkk! Crik! Squeak! Screeee!

The sounds that are produced by the various doors in my household. Doors to rooms, doors to cupboards, doors to cabinets.

My mother and mother-in-law have asked me at different times, why I don’t spare some time and grease the doors. I told them that these sounds are my ‘watchmen’. It was fun to see their puzzled expressions.

I finally explained that my ears were attuned to each and every doors’ creak and groan. and especially when my children were small, I could track down their moves and mischief by keeping a keen ear to these.

The dragging of the chair to the kitchen and the squeak of the door to the shelf housing the cookie jar told me that they were there for a snack while I was reading in my
room.There have been instances when I have warned them against having that tempting packet of chips just before lunchtime, and all without even being present around the kitchen, much to the exasperation of my children.

The peculiar creak of the bathroom door has alerted me to my son’s attempt at carrying out various experiments with his boat in the tub.

When my son thought he was fooling me and playing video games on the sly, it was the sound of his door that alerted me at midnight, that he had sneaked out into the living room.

And while I always thought my mother had eyes at the back of her head, my children have always wondered if I had an extra pair of ears! And though they are grown up enough now to not need that kind of monitoring, I think I keep my doors un-greased just for sentimental sake.


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