A Deeper Connect

I have immense faith in God. Only that I am not very ritualistic. And I seldom visit a temple. Maybe once in a couple of years,I feel this strong urge to enter a temple and that is the day I don’t ignore that call. I believe that if one believes in God, one can see it in every creation. And again,I also think that the way one decides to practice religion is a very personal choice.

Few months back some of my family members decided to go to a famous temple. And though initially I wasn’t too keen to accompany everyone, when the day arrived I decided to go along.

It was a crowded day at the temple, and we were jostled along, with everyone eager to have a glimpse of the deity in the inner sanctum. Once we were inside, and I folded my palms to pray, I could feel someone tapping my shoulder, urging me to offer my prayers quickly. The minutes inside the temple passed in a blur. On my way back home when I tried to recollect my moments inside, all I could remember was the crowd and the urgency of the people around me to complete darshan. I realised that when I had bowed in front of the deity I couldn’t even think what I should pray for or how to form my thanksgiving. I came back with a feeling of incompleteness.

150470_10151824475084466_1410514666_nA few weeks after that experience I happened to go to Goa for a short trip with my family. The cottage we occupied was right on the beach and every morning before breakfast I walked along the shore. One such day, as I stood gazing out at the sea, with the waves lapping at my feet, I felt such a strong connection with nature, such a strong sense of contentment that all I was aware of in those few minutes was the sea in front of me, the sound of the waves and the breeze caressing my face. I shut my eyes and send out a heartfelt thanks.

To me that was my true prayer. When I could connect with all my heart. And that is what I would like to teach my children. That one can pray anywhere, as long as they are there hundred percent,in mind and spirit.


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