From Glass to Glass


My parents used to socialize a lot and I have been part of many Sunday lunches. My parents’ friends, their spouse and off-spring gathered in any one person’s house and while we children got engrossed in board games or outdoor games depending on the weather, the parents usually sat and chatted with a drink. Lunch was usually a potluck affair and we looked forward to the surprises that each casserole held.

On some days the parents decided to play card games. As most of them had crossed forty, they were using reading glasses by then. And it was inevitable that few of them forgot their reading glasses at home. But then…..the advantage of reading glasses is that most of the time any reading glass does! And so there used to be a ‘share a reading glass’ situation very often.

My mind pulled out that memory from a far corner very recently. I have been using spectacles since high school. I needed them for clarity so didn’t need to wear them all the time and as the years progressed I gradually moved on to bifocals. Recently my husband also started wearing reading glasses.

Last Sunday as we lazed with our Sunday newspapers and cup of tea, I realized that I had forgotten my glasses on the counter. Feeling too lazy to get up and get them, I leant over and plucked my husband’s reading glasses to read a section of the newspaper. And while I read, he sipped his tea and gazed out of the window. And soon enough asked for his glasses. This exchange went on for quite a while. But neither of us bothered to get up and fetch my glasses.

In those few minutes, a plethora of emotions coursed through my mind. Nostalgia, thinking of my parents’ friends, many of whom are no more. A quiet giggle within, at the thought of my husband of twenty years and I having reached a point together when we could share reading glasses. And a sense of romance. Yes, romance, at the thought that we had walked together long enough to share a pair of glasses. It’s the oddest thoughts which cross our minds sometime.


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