Book Worm

A lazy Sunday afternoon. Nothing better than curling up with a book. And if it’s a brand new book…a crisp brand new book..then nothing can beat the happy feeling that comes with it.

I use a smart phone as well as a laptop. Am quite tech savvy. And while I feel blessed to have the boon of technology to keep in touch with my near and dear ones and the high which real-time communication gives me, I still prefer to read a book rather than an e-book.

To me buying a book isn’t only about going to a bookstore and buying a book. I have to like the look of a book, the font and the font size. And yes, the way the book smells. I actually burrow my nose in a book before buying it. And I think those of you out there who are book lovers know exactly what I am talking about.


I still have the books which were gifted to me in kindergarten. Slightly grubby but well-preserved. Each and every line known. One can tell which are my favourite ones by the way the pages show wear. These are the ones I have reread many times over the years. People who are not really in love with books can never understand how one can reread a book.

But I have my favourites. Not only because of the stories they carry but also because each time I have reread them I have read a new version. Because along with time I have not remained the same ‘me’ and my perspective has changed. So each time I have found a new gem.




I observed some ants at work today. They were carrying away a dead cockroach. Bit by bit they dismantled the cockroach. Part by part they carried it away. And I just could not stop watching. Those teeny tiny creatures, carrying something which was probably 100 times their size.

There was so much coordination in their movement that I could almost hear them sing in unison as they went about the task of transferring the remains of the cockroach to their home. They paused on the way. Putting down their load to catch their breathe. There were others scurrying here and there. So much activity; so much perseverance.