Roman Holiday

This summer we took a family vacation to Italy. Seventeen full days spent in one of the most aesthetically and architecturally rich places on Earth.

As a family my husband, two children and I travel well together and prefer to travel on our own. There is an unstated rhythm to our travelling and exploring. And as we travel quite often we have slowly learnt to strike a balance between the varied interests that we four have.

This trip was no different. We walked , we explored, we sampled local cuisine and by the end of the two weeks were speaking random words in Italian. We giggled when we got lost, reveled when we stumbled upon a jewel unmentioned in any tourist guide and marveled at all creations, natural and manmade. And while Italy was a dream destination for my 17 year old son, my 11 year old daughter proved that she too could match us step to step, literally. We brought back lots of memories and of course, photographs.

Last week we happened to be sitting around the dining table and reminiscing. It was then that my 17 year old said that we were a rare family today who liked to travel as a foursome and not wait to do a trip with another family. He said that he had friends who didn’t have any clue what to say to their family members and dreaded the thought of a vacation with only their family as company. He acknowledged that this was something he had realized through his discussions with his friends.

And while I am sure he will like to make trips without his parents and little sister along, I am glad that he also doesn’t ‘dread’ the prospect of a trip with us. That at some level he knows that what we have is something that not every family necessarily have.