19th April 2015

I reached my mid 40s this March and somewhere within, it takes a little while getting used to. Not in a negative way but sometimes the mind cant believe it. I go to the mirror and get very surprised to see this middle aged woman looking back at me. Where did the jaw line go? And what about those layers? When did they creep in and settle down so comfortably and make themselves at home?

While on some days I crave to carve my body back to its skinny old self, on most days I am more kind to it and acknowledge the years and labour put in by it. Peer pressure isn’t faced by teenagers alone..but then who wants to accept that fact? We are forever trying to gain acceptance from this society we inhabit.

But overall I think I am at a point where I am happy in my own skin, literally and otherwise. And I also think that each one of us have to make this journey at our own pace and not just follow blindly. I am glad I grew up in an environment which encouraged individualism and not the herd mentality. So while there have been patches where I have wandered off my chosen path in a bid to ‘fit in’ as I call it, eventually I have hopped back on.


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