Why a Jigsaw?

My fascination with jigsaw puzzles goes back to my childhood. And while not an avid collector of jigsaw puzzles, I have always enjoyed solving one. And as I grew older I realised that all of our lives were like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each of us a squiggly odd shaped individual…strangely amoeba-like in our solitary existence, but when put together, coming alive in a beautiful picture. Here we all stand, comfortably snuggling into each other’s lives, complementing each other.

I have rarely looked at my near and dear ones as competitors in some race in being the best. I look at them as the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of my life who help me complete the entire puzzle by complementing my yeses with their noes and my negatives with their positives.

And while the bigger portfolios in our life viz a good education, a home, a marriage, children, cars, dogs etcetera etcetera dominate the picture which defines us in the society….I have realised that its those smaller isolated moments which bind this all. Today as I sat chatting with a total stranger in a dentist’s waiting room, it struck me that there are some stray incidences which leave a lasting impression and these are the ones which I hope to capture and share on this blog.


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